Tiny Finger Point KERRIE


your hat tipped my heart off the edge
(where the hat is really just a metaphor for you
and the size of your head).

we are sailing off a cliff at terminal velocity
and i can’t see the ground yet.

hold my hand, please, 
send it secrets it can keep

until we land, soft.

I seem to have an eye for things.
An ear for things.
An appreciation for things.

Now, if only I could develop a damn KNACK for something.



I want to be yours, again.


let’s get this straight 

it is not romantic to persistently pursue someone after they have refused you

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Im tired of people calling trans people “selfish” for transitioning. When my wife finally decided it was time to transition, she was on the verge of suicide. Do you know how horrible my life would have been had I lost her?

And it isn’t just that. The wife I have now is…




"We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity"

Um ok but I don’t recall my virginity having 16 GB of memory with all my contacts, music, photos, calendars, and apps or costing over $200.

my phone is an expensive and important material object and not a useless social construct put in place to shame and commodify women

Plus I remember where I lost my virginity.

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  • Dispatcher: 911, whats your emergency?
  • Me: Is ya'll hiring?

This whole notion of doing only work that you love has always affronted me but I’ve lacked the articulation to be able to explain my objections. Only the top levels of developed world society can really consider that as an option. Almost all of the world has to labor just to survive. It just has always seemed so snobbish to me to think that people should all aspire to having only rewarding work to do to support themselves.

I believe in the reward of doing honest work in an honest way—that’s satisfying to me, even if I can’t always say I enjoy it. My work is not significant or important on a global scale, and I know it. But I do it pretty well.

I’ve probably told you the story of my wonderful professor, Russ Kelly, in my first year of college. One day he brought in a newspaper article about the wage increase for garbage workers in San Francisco that had recently passed. He pointed out that someday, even if we did well in college, that we may end up doing something like that because it paid well and we needed the money. But he said that a liberal education is for the enrichment of your heart and your brain, and it’s meant to give you something to think about, and a way to think about it, for the rest of your life. And he said that if someday you work as a garbage collector, you can enjoy thinking about Plato.

That’s the kind of advice that was actually helpful.

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Facebook adds new gender options


APFacebook is rolling out a change to its 159 million US users that will give them more options than ever before when it comes to choosing their gender.

A new, customizable option gives users about 50 different terms to identify their gender, including androgynous, bi-gender, intersex, gender fluid or transsexual. 

This is super awesome! I hope that they follow suit with “interested in” - I don’t like putting “men and women” because that isn’t true. I’m interested in people, and I think that they should include a space for us to have both fluid gender AND sexuality.

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In its drive for profitability, Amazon did not raise retail prices; it simply squeezed its suppliers harder, much as Walmart had done with manufacturers. Amazon demanded ever-larger co-op fees and better shipping terms; publishers knew that they would stop being favored by the site’s recommendation algorithms if they didn’t comply. Eventually, they all did. (Few customers realize that the results generated by Amazon’s search engine are partly determined by promotional fees.) Sales meetings in Seattle were now all about payments, not new books, and the size of orders was predicated on algorithms, rather than on the enthusiasm of the publishers’ sales staff and Amazon’s own buyers, who were rebranded as “inventory managers.” Brad Stone describes one campaign to pressure the most vulnerable publishers for better terms: internally, it was known as the Gazelle Project, after Bezos suggested “that Amazon should approach these small publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle.” (Company lawyers later changed the name to the Small Publisher Negotiation Program.)

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Awful. Local bookshops foreverrrrr

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Watching Mental Floss

And I think I have a new favorite John Green quote.

“‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined’ is often attributed to Henry David Thoreau, but it is a very loose interpretation of the real quote because Henry David Thoreau never said anything in thirteen words that could be said in eighty.”

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